Oct 16 I: Session 2
Character Encoding

Session 2

October 16 II

Character Encoding of Complex Scripts: Chinese, Mayan, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs

複雑な文字の符号化: 漢字、マヤ文字、エジプト・ヒエログリフ

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15:50–16:00 Japan

(8:50–9:00 CEST)


Chigusa Kita and So Miyagawa (Kyoto University)

16:00–17:00 Japan

(9:00–10:00 CEST)

Machine-readable description of Chinese Characters

Tomohiko Morioka (Kyoto University)

17:00–18:00 Japan

(10:00–11:00 CEST)

The Encoding of Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing

Carlos Pallán Gayol (University of Bonn)

18:00–19:00 Japan

(11:00–12:00 CEST)

Unicode Control Characters for Ancient Egyptian

Mark-Jan Nederhof (UniversIty of St. Andrews)